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New release  v4.1.0 - GPU support, new applications and bugfixes

The v4.1.0 version is here! The main new feature is the supporting of graphical hardware accelerator (GPU) besides the already existing software rendering. In addition new applications, object functions and bug fixes are added. This version fully backward compatible with v4.0.0.

Hardware accelerator support

Mixing two buffers with a given opacity typically can be realized by MCUs where GPU is presented. Now you can add the disp_color_cpy(dest_buf, src_buf, length, opa) to in hal/disp.c to copy pixels from a buffer to an other with a given opacity. In hal/disp.h you need to: #define DISP_HW_ACC 1

New applications

GSM, WiFi and Benchmark applications are added.

GSM and WiFi

You can specify a network (SSID + password/APN) and the IP address + port of a TSP server.The application will try to connect to this network. It buffers the latest message and tries to send it until get an answer. If no answer then it reconnects to the network and resend the message.


In the window of the application you can enable/disable graphical features and measure the screen load time.

Object API changes

  • lv_label New long mode: LV_LABEL_LONG_ROLL to move the long text and not the object
  • lv_list The default label long mode is: LV_LABEL_LONG_ROLL. Turn off with: lv_list_set_element_text_roll(element, false)
  • lv_ta Password mode (like on smart phones):lv_ta_set_pwd_mode(ta, true) and lv_ta_get_label(ta) added

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