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New release v4.2.0 - Double VDB, Style animations, Touchpad-less control and examples

Here is the new release with cool new features like support of double VDB (to copy pixels to display while rendering to an other buffer), style animations, object groups to control without touchpad only with buttons and some minor object level features. See the full list below! In addition a tutorial from examples has begun.


  • Double VDB support: one for rendering, another to transfer former rendered image to frame buffer in the background (e.g. with DMA) #15
  • Style animations
  • lv_examples: thematic examples (not finished yet)
  • lv_group: to control without touch pad. Issue #14
  • lv_page: scrl. default fit modification: hor: false, ver: true, and always set its width to parent width
  • lv_btn: add lv_btn_get_..._action functions
  • lv_list: add lv_list_get_element_label/img
  • lv_ta: lv_ta_set_one_line to configure the Text area to one lined input field
  • lv_btnm: besides 0. byte (width dsc) 1. byte: hidden (177, 0x7F, delete)


  • lv_slider: don't let indicator or bar to disappear because of hpad/vpad
  • lv_ta: memory leak if deleted in password mode
  • lv_ddlist: copy 'num_opt' attribute too
  • lv_obj_set_parent: send CHILD_CHG signal to the old parent too

Feature plans

In the next release you will get a lot of new *smart phone like * objects.
See them in or suggest new ones!

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MarkDown supported

2017-11-17 10:16:03

how to support muti byte language,such as Chinese Japanese or Korean?

2017-11-17 11:31:10

The UTF-8 will be supported in the next release (in a few weeks) Until that time you can try it in the beta branches on GitHub. However in the upcoming release using UTF-8 characters will be more simple.

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