I can offer you three type of services:

  1. Create your GUI instead of you
  2. Feature request
  3. Advanced support

Create your GUI instead of you

Let me to help with the graphical part of your project. I can help you in:

  • Hardware design tips
  • User experience advices
  • Resource optimization
  • Implementation of the Graphical User Interface
  • Support after the GUI is ready

The following image shows a typical workflow:

Littlev Graphics Library Develpement workflow

The first thing you need to do is to write me and tell your basic idea and concept. At this point we can discuss some practical questions as well.

According to your ideas we (or you) create a sketch about your GUI on paper or with a software. We will iteratively modify if it until it reaches the final version. At this point we will agree on the price.

Dead GUI
Based on the Sketch I will implement the visual part of your GUI to see the design. Both of us can view the same result via the PC simulator. If a feature is missing to realize your vision I implement it (if possible in a reasonable time)

Living GUI
At a final step I will add the real functionality to the GUI. (E.g. action when buttons pressed, data shown on labels). To do this we need to specify an API to access some specific parameters. (E.g. get_temp(), set_motor_rpm()). When the the Living GUI is ready I provide you 1 month support.

I offer you a three-step payment in equal portions:

  1. After Sketch, before Dead GUI implementation
  2. After Dead GUI, before Living GUI implementation
  3. After Living GUI implementation, when the GUI is ready

For example the prize of a simple GUI (depending on the real complexity) with a main screen (images, chart, labels, buttons) and a configuration screen (check boxes, lists, forms, keyboard) displaying sensor data, using SD card should be between $1000 and $2000

There are some part where I can not help you like writing drivers, setting up your display and other not GUI related things.

Feature request

When you begin a GUI development you could have special needs. For example: "The drop down list always drops down. I need a drop up list.". If you wouldn't like to spend time with understanding the deep levels of the graphics library you can ask me to do it instead of you.

You can decide whether to share this new feature (and add it to the library) or not.

I know lot of people use the library for personal/hobby/learning purposes. Therefore I do the new feature's implementation at a symbolic price. For example the mentioned "drop up" feature for the drop down list could be $50 or even cheaper if it can remain in the code.

Not sharing the feature doesn't mean a similar functionality never will be implemented.

Advanced support

During GUI development you could face several questions, difficulties or even bugs when you feel you need support. I can help you on these days in the following fields:

  • How-to guides
  • Instant simple feature implementations
  • Instant bug fixes
  • < 24 h response time on work days

We can work together primarily via e-mail however we can use desktop share (e.g. Team Viewer) if required.

The support is paid weekly: $200/week

The language of the support is English or Hungarian.

LittlevGL - Open-source Embedded GUI Library

LittlevGL is a free and open-source graphics library providing everything you need to create embedded GUI with easy-to-use graphical elements, beautiful visual effects and low memory footprint.

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The founder of Littlev Graphics Library (LittlevGL) and related software modules is:
Gábor Kiss-Vámosi
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