Themes are used to give a new look to your GUI at a glance. Look on the images below how different could be same GUI by applying different themes. The main color of the themes can be adjusted according to your needs.

Themes in LittlevGL

You can learn more about Themes here: or read the basic now.

A theme is a collection of a lot of styles to apply on the GUI components. By loading a theme you can chage the apperance of the whole GUI. It is super easy, just type:

lv_theme_t * th = lv_theme_night_init(210, &lv_font_dejavu_40);     //Set a HUE value and a Font for the Night Theme
lv_theme_set_current(th);                                           //Apply the theme

The following images are created by loading a test code from lv_examples repository:

lv_theme_t * th = lv_theme_night_init(210, &lv_font_dejavu_40);     //Set a HUE value and a Font for the Night Theme
lv_test_theme(th);                                                  //Load the test GUI

Night theme

Elegant dark theme which shows confidence and high quality.

Alien theme

Futuristic theme which looks like an alien spaceship's dashboard.

Material theme

Clean an light theme with bold colors. Insipred by Android's material design

Zen theme

Light, breathing and paceful theme. Well suited in health care applications

Mono theme

A theme designed for monochrome display with low memory usage.

Default theme

A theme which uses manly the built-in styles to achive very small memory footprint.

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